ispyanakedguy: I got a crappy job in a warehouse, logging in…


I got a crappy job in a warehouse, logging in returned merchandise for a huge department store.  All I had to do was scan the barcode and try to find a place sort the merchandise by department.  I was usually done in a couple hours so the rest of my eight hours was spent wandering around the place trying to find something to amuse myself with.  After a couple weeks of being totally alone and bored, I brought my laptop so I could play game or look at porn.  Anything to pass the time.  Little did I know, they’d hired a security guard because of break ins and robberies in the industrial park the warehouse was in.  

I was butt naked, staring at a gay gang bang, jerking my cock when the new guard walked in on me.  We stared at each other for a minute.  Then I shrugged and said, “I got bored.” 

“No doubt.  You like that gay stuff?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I admitted.

He pulled out his wallet and took out a condom. “Got lube?” he asked.

“Yeah.“ I said.

“Wanna get fucked” he asked.

Yeah!” I said.

He pulled out a nice long cock and put the condom on.  Then he sat down.  I sat on him.  I rode his cock until I bathed myself in my cum.  Then he stood up and pulled the condom off.  I sucked his cock until he was about to cum, then let him cum on my face.  He was packing it away when we heard some noise.  “I better check that out.” he said and he walked out.  I wiped all the cum off and got dressed.  Just as I buttoned up, he came back.

“What was it?” I asked.

“Some guy running round naked got caught by the cops.” He said.

“Was he cute?” I asked just out of curiosity.

“Fat, old and crazy as hell.  The cops said they see that kind of stuff going on all the time.  It’s usually just some guy streaking or a couple of gays having sex.  They usually just run them off, but this guy was trying to find an unlocked door and was yelling about getting fired.  He was crazy drunk of on drugs.

“I saw a naked guy in his car a couple nights ago.  I’ll stick to being naked inside.” I said.

“Good idea.  Hope to see a lot of you like that.” he said.  I liked hearing that.  From that night on, I stripped as soon as the trucks with the merchandise left.  He’d hang around watching me work then we’d fuck and suck until it was close to time to get off.  From that night on, that job wasn’t so crappy.